If we build it, will you come?

Flat Cap April 18 2017

If we build it will you come?

We have been asked for a more technically focussed conference and hacker conference to supplement the fantastic Cyber Security EU. Cyber Security EU is back for a third year on the 18 the October with a great business focus. Now on the 18th April 2017 we are bringing the North of England’s premier technical security and hacker conference. Why go to London?

So if we build it – will you come?

14 speakers, award winning entertainment, lunch and networking bar. Everything you have come to expect from Cyber Security EU.


Golden Ticket

For those wanting to attend both, and lets be fair, why wouldn’t you, we have a Golden Ticket that allows access to both conferences for a small, discounted fee.

Why are we charging?

You might wonder why we are charging. Well we are not an events company first and foremost. We are a Cyber Security company. Putting on a conference of this value and calibre costs money, money we use for the conference. Secondly we have found that if we issue free tickets people just don’t come. Which is a shame. It still costs us money for those people and we find it a bit rude. So we charge a modest fee and we give a lot back in return. We hope you think it is worth it. We do. And the people that come back year after year do.

Book Now

We have issued early bird tickets and an early bird Golden Ticket. They won’t last long and won’t be available for long. Why not book now?



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